Constant learner, front end software engineer, thinker and sincere people person. Always interested in a new project, connection or opportunity!

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Contact me. I'm currently happily employed at Sparkart, and always open to making new connections in the web industry, so get in touch!

My Background

I grew up fascinated by computers. I got my start coding with QBASIC and a DOS command prompt in my parent's basement. In 2001, I built my first web page, and I've been working on the web ever since. My college career was a varied and unique preparation for working on the web; I studied Computer Science for two years, and then graduated with a degree in Mass Media Communication and a minor that includes Graphic Design and Animation. My professional background has been focused on front end web development and UX, and has been rounded out with some experience in back end programming, database administration, design, project management, marketing and SEO. Most recently, I spent two years in the Dominican Republic to learn Spanish and expand my understanding of how another culture uses the web.


Quotable for WordPress

WordPress JavaScript PHP CSS

A simple WordPress plugin I wrote that makes it easy to share interesting quotes on Twitter.

Plugin Page

Subscribe Email

Node.js APIs Handlebars Gulp

A UMD JavaScript module for creating mailing list sign up forms with minimal work on a variety of platforms.

In Progress

Electrician Website

MicroData HTML SEO Retina-ready Parallax

A one-page website I built to help a local electrician reach his target market.


Solidus Devtools

Chrome Extension JavaScript node.js Bower Grunt

A Chrome extension I built that adds Solidus debugging tools to Chrome Developer Tools.


Table Sorter

JavaScript Code Design Efficiency

A JavaScript module I wrote as an exercise to efficiently sort large HTML tables in the browser.


Delta Agent Site Network


Object Oriented CSS I wrote for a site network using CSS variables before preprocessors were a thing.


Skills and Experience

While I don't limit myself to this skill set, and I am always learning something new, here are some of the skills I have developed the most.

JavaScript, Node.js, React: Good
HTML, XML, Microdata: Expert
WordPress, PHP: Good
Grunt, Gulp: Good
git, GitHub, Subversion: Good
MySQL, MongoDB: Competent
Apache, nginx, Vagrant: Competent
Responsive Web Design: Expert
SEO, Google Analytics: Expert
Localization/Translation: Good
Learning New Things: Super Fast!