JavaScript engineer, constant learner, and people person
Excited to work on anything that promotes my core values;
liberty, empathy, justice, love, art and nature

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Hiring? I'm interested in doing meaningful work with talented and passionate teams of people who are working on projects that promote liberty, empathy, justice, love, art and nature. If you've got an oppotunity you think I'd be interested in, get in touch!

My Background

I started programming as a kid in my parents' basement using QBASIC and a DOS command prompt. In high school and college I started building web pages for fun and extra income. In college I studied Computer Science for two years, then graduated with a degree in Communication and a minor that includes Graphic Design and Digital Animation.

Since college, my career has included a wide variety of experience in front and back end development, database administration, design, UX, project management, community organization, photography, videography, communication, writing, marketing, and you probably expected it after this long list of keywords, SEO.

For the last three years, I've been writing software full time for a number of clients including well known musicians, non-profits, startups and open source projects. I've been writing code for Node.js, React, Redux, PHP, WordPress, Ruby, Grunt, gulp, Bash and more. Some of my public projects are listed below, and I'm happy to talk privately about others.

For the last several years I've lived and worked internationally. I love learning about how different cultures and people are empowered by technology and how I can use technology to bring people and cultures together. I spent two years in the Dominican Republic, and three years traveling full time in over 16 other countries. I'm fluent in Spanish, I know the basics of Italian and I'm trying to pick up the basics of a few other languages.

I'm currently spending some time back in my hometown, Akron, Ohio and focusing on some self improvement goals. I'd love to get back to Uruguay, Chile or New Zealand and I'm open to travel or relocation for meaningful opportunities just about anywhere in the world.

Software Projects

Quality Docs CLI

CLI JavaScript Node.js Bash npm

A command line tool that I made for evaluating the writing quality of markdown files using retext plugins.


Solidus Devtools

Chrome Extension JavaScript Node.js Bower Grunt

A Chrome extension I built that adds Solidus debugging tools to Chrome Developer Tools.


Space Tango Portal

JavaScript Node.js React Redux CSS

I worked on the team of three that built this React app that displays live data from TangoLab experiments on the International Space Station.

Space Tango's TangoLab Announcement

Quotable for WordPress

WordPress JavaScript PHP CSS

A simple WordPress plugin I wrote that makes it easy to share interesting quotes on Twitter.

Plugin Page

Retext Spell

JavaScript Node.js hunspell Open Source

An open source spell checker for retext that I was a major contributor to.


Slush Solidus

JavaScript Node.js gulp Solidus

A site generator I made for new Solidus sites. Small but clear representation my knowledge of front end development and build scripting.


Skills and Experience

I don't limit myself to this skill set. I'm always learning something new, but here are some of the skills I've developed most.

JavaScript, Node.js, React, Redux, gulp: Strong
HTML, XML, Microdata: Strong
CSS, LESS, SASS, BEM, post-css: Strong
WordPress, PHP: Strong
Terminal, Bash scripting: Strong
git, GitHub, Subversion: Strong
SEO, Google Analytics: Strong
Communication, Marketing, Copywriting: Strong
Localization/Translation: Good
MySQL, MongoDB: Good
Apache, nginx, Vagrant, Docker: Good
Responsive Web Dev, UX, Design, SEO: Good
Travel Planning and Leadership: Good
Learning New Things: Super Fast!